What is DENAS-therapy?

Dynamic Electrical Neuro Adaptive Stimulation (DENAS) is the latest effective method of safe impact on the skin projection, active and latent reflexogenic zones, spinal cord area, acupuncture points.

The effectiveness of the health-improving effect often depends on the quality and functions of the equipment used for dynamic electrical neuro stimulation. Such devices of these series as NeuroDENS-PCM are especially popular and recognized . The peculiarity of these devices lies in their ability to change the nature of the generated electrical impulses depending on the monitoring of the surface layer of the skin. This feature is most commonly known as "biofeedback".

Features of the DENAS-therapy method

Energy-information impulses have a healing property of DENAS series devices . These neuron-like impulses are physiologically natural stimuli that affect the nerve endings. Their advantage is that they, acting on the skin, do not penetrate deep into the body.

Changing the condition of the skin in the affected area affects the parameters of therapeutic impulses. This contributes to the allocation of the disease zone of a particular organ and, as a result, the rapid achievement of a therapeutic effect.

The impact on a certain area is provided with the help of convenient electrodes (built-in or remote). This, in turn, enhances the therapeutic effect.

The technical and functional properties of DENAS series devices provide convenience and ease of use. And the possibility of a simplified treatment method allows people of different ages to use the device. It is worth noting that the devices can also be used for preventive purposes, carrying out procedures at home. At the same time, contraindications for using the devices are minimal, and undesirable side effects are completely absent.

The function of monitoring the surface of the skin, which is the essence of biofeedback, contributes to obtaining objective results (in the "TEST" or "SCREENING" modes). Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain information about abnormal areas and their subsequent effective treatment (“THERAPY” mode). In addition, the monitoring function warns of a possible overdose of therapeutic effects, as a result of which the depletion of physiological responses is not allowed.

The dynamics of changes in impulses received in response to a change in the condition of the skin in the subelectrode region does not allow one to get used to the effects of the DENAS device, as well as any other physiotherapeutic method. Thanks to this feature, a unique advantage of DENAS-therapy is distinguished: the absence of addiction while maintaining high efficiency rates, which is achieved both when using the device several times a day, and with a longer course of DENAS.

The basis of the therapeutic effect of DENS is the physiological reaction of the body in response to the impact. Impulses arriving at the skin zones seem to “connect” them with the help of nerve pathways to the internal organs.

DENAS-therapy helps to activate the body's adaptive resource and regulate the activity of internal organs and systems.

This method was developed on the basis of the military-industrial complex of the USSR. Subsequently, it was improved thanks to clinical research and the latest achievements in the field of world electronics. The effectiveness and efficiency of the DENS method lies in the fact that under the influence of one therapeutic impulse, a number of therapeutic effects are activated. The absence of side effects and various complications, low financial costs, and a fairly large list of indications make the DENS method universal and affordable.

DENS-therapy today allows to achieve the following results:

• improvement of blood circulation, lymph circulation;

• regulation of the cardiovascular system and blood pressure;

• anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-edematous effect;

• stabilization of the hormonal background;

• elimination of endocrine disorders;

• normalization of weight, functions of the nervous system, sleep;

• normal functioning of the digestive and genitourinary systems;

• regulation of metabolism;

• prevention of stress and depression;

• increasing the potential of the body;

• life in harmony and without pain.

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